EN50155 Made Easy – The Practical Guidebook

The EN50155 Made Easy Guidebook is available to help you work through EN50155 testing.


We leave the nitty gritty details to the test houses. Instead give you the information you need to understand EN50155 and the compliance process.


Your job is to get your product compliant with EN50155. Our job is to give you the knowledge to get it done. Better results, less time, no stress. The EN50155 Type Approval Guide is available for download now.

Vibration and Shock

Explaining simulated long-life and functional vibration, shock and bump tests.

en50155 emc testing radiated emissions


Demystifying the radiated and conducted emissions and immunity tests, surges, fast transients and all the other EMC tests.

en50155 climatic and humidity testing

Climatic and Temperature

From dry heat tests to cold storage tests to damp humidity tests. We’ll show you how to test your product against all of these.

Electrostatic Discharge

Covering both ESD air and contact tests. Our personal favourite for pre-compliance testing in-house.

Clear Advice

Clear advice on the EN50155 standard and the referenced standards.

Cost and Schedule

We’ll give you estimated costs and schedules for the activities in your test plan.

Compliance Folder

We’ll show you how to put together your compliance folder.

Instant Download

Instant Download!

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Latest News

3 Aug 14 – Visit our Overview page now. It has been updated to provide an insight into the EN50155 standard and is based directly on the material in the EN50155 Made Easy Guidebook. We’re sure it will help you navigate the standard and successfully meet your compliance requirements.


7 Jan 14 – Special thanks to all of our clients who participated in our recent customer satisfaction review. We achieved over 93% response rate, a fantastic contribution. Thank you for your comments and feedback.


10 Jun 13 – EN50155 Made Easy Guidebook has been updated to Version 1.2 to reflect some changes in the standards and incorporate refinements and feedback that we have received. We’re thrilled with how many people have used Version 1.1 and we’re looking forward to helping more with Version 1.2!


23 Mar 12 – The EN50155 Made Easy website is officially launched today. Thank you to those who provided feedback during the beta phase. If you are designing or testing a railway product then our EN50155 Made Easy Guidebook is available now!