Passing EN50155 just got a whole lot easier.

The EN50155 Made Easy guidebook gives you the knowledge to pass EN50155 with ease. 

Our guidebook includes the details of twenty three compliance tests, estimates of costs and schedules, and advice on writing test specifications and assembling your compliance folders.

Your guide to the EN50155 standard.

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Overview of EN50155 Made Easy

The EN50155 Made Easy guidebook has been written to introduce you to EN50155 and simplify compliance testing. There are eight (8) separate chapters so you can skip straight to the sections you need. The guidebook covers everything from writing your initial test procedures, estimating budgets and schedules, performing all the tests and assembling your final compliance folder.

Shock and Vibration

Explaining simulated long-life and functional vibration, shock and bump tests.


Demystifying the radiated and conducted emissions and immunity tests, surges, fast transients and all the other EMC tests.

Climatic and Temperature

Dry heat tests, cold storage tests and damp humidity tests. We'll show you how to test your product against all of these.

Electrostatic Discharge

Covering both ESD air and contact tests. Our personal favourite for pre-compliance testing in-house.

Clear Advice

Clear advice on the EN50155 standard and all of the other referenced standards.

Cost and Schedule

We’ll give you estimated costs and schedules for the activities in your test plan.

Compliance Folder

We’ll show you how to put together your compliance folder.

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Detailing over Twenty Three Tests

EN50155 EMC

EN50155 Sample

The EN50155 Made Easy guidebook gives you a complete guide through the EN50155 standard. This includes details over twenty three (23) tests included in EN50155. We start with why the test is included, then look at where the test is specified, how the test is performed, and finally what are the pass/fail criteria.

This provides you with a complete overview of every test within the EN50155 standard.

During EN50155 type approval you will need to perform Visual Inspections and Performance Inspection to ensure your product is functioning correctly and hasn't suffered any damage. Here you will learn how to set up these inspections to check everything you need as quickly as possible.
Supply over-voltage, Variations of voltage supply, Interruptions of voltage supply, Voltage supply ripple, Surge, Electrostatic discharge (ESD), Transient burst susceptibility, RF conducted susceptibility, RF radiated susceptibility, RF conducted emissions, RF conducted emissions, and Insulation tests.
The EN50155 standard calls for testing against Cooling, Low temperature storage, Dry heat, Damp heat cycle, Salt mist, and Watertightness (IP) tests. Here we explain how these tests work, how to prepare and what to expect. Our best advice for you to pass the EN50155 climatic tests.
Shock and Vibration
Explaining the EN50155 tests for Random vibration, Simulated long-life vibration, Shock and Bump. Helpful tips to keep your product in one piece in this tough environment.
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Your Testimonials

Robert McNamara

18 Jan 2017 - This ebook was very helpful in breaking down the compliance process for the EN 50155 standard. Our thanks to Mike R.

Anthony Cedegran

20 Sept 2016 - A quick note to say thanks to Mike for his help over the past few weeks. His advice on EN50155 compliance for EMC, vibration and temperature testing really helped us understand this phase of the project and get our compliance testing organised. Thanks again Mike.

Huksoo Jiin

18 Feb 2016 - Mike recently gave us some specialist advice to help gain compliance on one of our new products. The EN50155 Made Easy guide book and his depth of knowledge added immense value to our project. Thanks Mike!

Angela Bourgna

28 Nov 2015 - We recently complete a type approval activity for a new supplier of onboard telemetry systems. Mike's advice and help was a huge benefit to the project and up-skilling the engineering team in EN50155 compliance.

Dale McDonald

23 April 2015 - I recently purchased the EN50155 Made Easy Guidebook to aid in the type approval process for one of our products, the TX1200, which is an data acquisition module for heavy haul wagon sensors. The guidebook provided a good level of advice on EN50155 testing and compliance processes such as EMC, thermal testing, shock and vibration etc. The section on schedule and budget was also useful, although it was difficult to estimate the scale of one products compliance program to ours. Overall it was useful and recommended.

Anna Farland

14 Oct 2014 - We used the EN50155 Guidebook to help with our new range of rail certified IP cameras. The section on climatic and vibration testing were especially useful to us due to the external mounting of our cameras. The Guidebook gave us a comprehensive understanding of the shock and long-life vibration tests, as well as the hot and cold operating tests and cold storage tests.

Lars Nilsson

3 May 2013 - The EN50155 Guidebook was quite useful in helping us certify a rail communications node. The sections on EMC testing a very useful, each test is well described in language that a non-EMC guru can understand. It really helped us understand what the test facility needed to do and how each test would be performed.

About The Author

Mike Randall is a Chartered Engineer with over 15 years experience in product design and compliance testing. He has performed compliance testing for a variety of products, including consumer goods, industrial products and safety critical systems.


a good compliance program is always a positive investment in your project's success and your client's satisfaction

Mike Randall

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